Monday, February 27, 2012

Life is a balancing act....

I used to think, if I could spend 20 hours a week or more in my studio, I would be one happy lady! Well, it turns out that last year, when I was able to do that, I accomplished a lot. I sold a LOT of jewelry, got some pieces published, took some really cool classes and grew N's Whims. I really felt accomplished and successful, like I was able to prove I had some right to be doing what I was doing--no longer one who dabbles and plays--an artist, even! That part was cool. But, when I came up for air, I noticed that I was missing my husband, neglecting my friendships and too many extra pounds had joined me on my path!

This year, our twins experienced a turbulent transition into kindergarten. One has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, inattentive type. The other is just beginning her evaluation process for attention deficit disorder, hyperactive type. It has taken 6 months to get the first evaluated and help in place. She is just now starting to find her groove. Along the way, I have attended countless appointments, meetings and spent much time helping her learn and get her confidence back. This has been exhausting, but extremely rewarding. You see, before this crazy jewelry expedition, I was in the field of psychology. To see the improvement and the excitement return for my little peanut makes all the time and work worthwhile. She will continue to need more attention than our oldest to succeed, but we are finding her formula. Next, we will do the same for her twin.

Also this year, we were able to cut my husband's hours at work a bit more. This has been our plan all along, get to a spot financially where he can work less and spend more time with us and his other interests. I am finding, that when he is home, I crave spending my time with him--as it should be! But, the more I say yes to N's Whims, the less I am available when he is.

Starting in January, I decided that I could no longer let my health go. Gaining a few pounds here and there is disturbing for most of us, but I have a secondary reason that it is not good. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. We have found that for me, as long as I keep my weight under a certain number and take my meds, all is well. When I let the pounds sneak on, it wreaks havoc on my body, taking away my ability to feel good physically and emotionally, which keeps me from being a good mom, wife and friend. So, I went back to teaching exercise classes consistently. I am now teaching 3 spin and 3 trx classes each week. I have also made a much better effort to plan and make healthy meals at home. I am thrilled to report that I have shed 8 of those extra pounds and am back in the safety zone.

As you can see, life is telling me to find some balance. I have been finding less and less time to spend in my studio--other things just seem too important right now! Maybe there will be another phase in life where 20 hours a week in the studio is more realistic, and that would be fun. But, for now, I need to find a different way to view my business. I have come up with a new model--I think I will host 3-4 open houses a year, set appointments when contacted for shopping or special orders, and create what moves me when I find the time! The open houses are always a fun way to highlight other super talented people who make their own creations. It is also a fun, social happening event! Setting appointments when you want to shop allows me to give you one on one attention and work it into the schedule. As for special orders, I am going to ask that you give me 4 weeks to complete them. If you need them sooner AND I can fit that in my schedule without throwing off the balance, I would be happy to do that for an extra charge of $10. If I can get to your order in less than 4 weeks, bonus, we are all happy!

Once again, I thank all of you for rolling with me as I define and redefine N's Whims--it appears that I have chosen the right name for this venture ;)

Hope to see you at the next open house, Sunday March 18th from 1-4pm.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finding new whims....

Last night was the annual Waunakee father-daughter dance. Being that I have three daughters and no sons, that leaves me solo for the evening. So, after I got my three little ladies off to the ball with my prince, I got my craft on with my partner in crime, Nicole Mihalas. We poured our glass of wine, played some chill tunes and got to work. Oh, is that ever good for the soul! I had so much fun making cute freezer paper painted shirts, I thought I would share with you! Hope you enjoy my little bit of happy as much as I do!

Here is one of the shirts we made for Bella:
Here is Alli's shirt--she LOVES elephants:

And, here is Milana's shirt--hippo's are her fav!

I love that I can make similar shirts for the twins and yet highlight their individuality at the same time. They still love to "match" but do not want to be exactly the same. They call it "matchy, matchy butterfly" as opposed to "matchy, matchy, do, do." Whatever that means :). They all make me giggle every day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Next Thursday, February 23rd

It is official, the date for February's craft to give back is set: Thursday the 23rd. This craft to give back is going to be different, and I am thinking super fun! Who doesn't love pinterest?! WELL, this month and next month, instead of donating to the WNC, we are going to be making projects found on Pinterest. We will be donating them to the Arboretum Art Show and Basket Raffle in April. This is an event put on by the PTO to raise money for extras the school would like to purchase. There are going to be 2 pinterest baskets--one for the woman (accessories and things for the home) and one for kids. SOOOOO, the first night, I will be leading a wreath project and Tanya Quint has graciously agreed to lead a scarf project. I would love to have another volunteer to lead a third project if we have time for it (depends on how many hands we have that night). It could be a project for several to work on or something for just a few. It should be something that you have pinned that you would love to have for yourself!

I think this will be super fun and maybe help some of us get over that fear of jumping off and making some of those things you have been pinning!

It will be really helpful to know if you are planning to attend, and if you would like to lead a project. Thanks! I want to make sure we have enough to keep everyone's hands busy creating!!!
Also, if you have a glue gun, that will come in handy for this month's crafts. Please feel free to comment here on the blog or at N's Whims on facebook. Can't wait to hang and get crafty!