Saturday, July 13, 2013

N's Whims--who knew the name would be so fitting?!

As most of you know, several months ago I announced that I would be taking a hiatus from N's Whims. I wasn't sure at the time if N's Whims would continue to exist--and, if so, what it would even look like. This hobby turned business had taken over more and more of my time and attention. And, as it did, I spent less time being creative and fulfilled and more time just getting product out. My life, my loved ones and myself were getting neglected and I was exhausted keeping up. While it is a good problem to have, a business that is successful and continues to grow, it was not what I wanted for my life. I knew that in order to figure it all out, I needed to take a step back. I needed to sit with and grieve for the loss of N's Whims, if that was to be. You see, N's Whims had become such a part of me--my self-esteem, my social outlet, my justification for investing in learning were all tied to N's Whims. I needed to find me again and then see if I could work N's Whims back in on some level. It was really a tough time for me--N's Whims was my fourth baby! 

However, as tough things usually are, this was so good for me, so freeing. Then, this summer my health decided to shake things up a bit more. I have a chronic, annoying disease called PCOS. I am so lucky that it is not terminal, nor debilitating. I am also very fortunate that more often than not, I have been able to keep it controlled and relatively symptom free. However, this summer it has been unexpectedly wreaking havoc on my body and my lifestyle. I have had to greatly lower my expectations for myself, slowing way down in life. For those of you who know me well, you know it is hard for me to live life casually. I am usually attacking life with a crazy level of energy and intensity. I have had to greatly reduce the amount, duration and intensity of physical activity (I recently had to ask a friend if we could slow down on a bike ride and had to discontinue training for a triathlon--gasp). My house is more often than not embarrassing these days, and energy and creativity for jewelry making has been lacking!

I have noticed that as I slow down, there is more room for thinking and processing. A few weeks ago, it hit me that I am thankful that I took a hiatus with N's Whims and  processed my feelings before my health issues began. If I hadn't, I would probably have resented the lack of energy for creating. Instead, I don't feel pressure to make anything. I am able to let go of the need to be creative and know that when it is there I will enjoy it again. I have also realized how thankful I am that my body has told me to just slow down, reduce the unnecessary pressures of life and enjoy my kids this summer! Instead of spending so much time cleaning and working on projects, I have used the energy I do have to do fun things with the girls. Then, when the energy isn't there anymore, we snuggle up and read together. We are working our way through the Harry Potter books right now. I am learning that I don't have to be the high energy, fun and entertaining mom to enjoy my girls and have them enjoy me. Surprisingly, with this lemon I have been given, I have found several positives (which is great, because without this I might find my attitude turning sour).

Anyway, I think I have finally figured out what N's Whims looks like to me--exactly that, my whims. I can't tell you precisely, because it will be ever changing. I will not be doing custom orders anymore. If you need something custom with wording, check etsy--there are loads of artists who do that sort of thing. If you live nearby and want something custom done with vintage pieces, Stacey Barmore has such a cool style and makes beautiful pieces. You can find her at Old Soul

As for what N's Whims will look like, I have way too many beautiful beads, metal pieces and
discarded vintage bits begging to be made into something beautiful to stop creating! I will make pieces as time and creativity allow. I will probably post some as I make them, but I may not always get to that. Of course, anything created is available for purchase at any time. I may have open boutique hours sporadically and post them on the page to let you know. I will probably have a few open houses a year with other hand-made local vendors. As always, if you have a jewelry need and would like to shop, let me know. I would be happy to find a time for you to shop and would love to get to see you! I really enjoyed the jewelry class I taught in my home recently, so I would love to do that as it fits as well. That being said, if you really want that hand-made family necklace, you could come and learn to make it with your own hands (how cool is that?!). If you have a fun group of friends or family who would love to learn together, let me know and we can set up a time for that. I may also auction a custom family necklace every once in awhile for DAIS--who knows! Basically, when it works, I will, and if not, well then I won't. How's that for N's Whims?! Not the best plan for running a business, I suppose. But, who knows, it just might work--and if not, I am sure I will find another whim. 

Hopefully with this new model, you will find the new creations to be more inspired. It is my hope that my whims will continue to make the women who choose them feel beautiful and unique--because every woman is.