Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick little post

I really shouldn't be blogging right now--since my to-do list is still a mile long, BUT....
I was on a hunt for a really cool vintage looking chain (which I never did find the source of) and some of my fellow bead pals sent me some links for good sources. I found some great vintage chains at A Grain of Sand
AND, they have really reasonable prices. LOVE it!!  

I am also going to try once again to get the Art Bead Love Tour to stop at my little studio! Who wouldn't love a chance to take up to 30 of these lovelies and trade for other beads made by artists?! If you would like a chance, click on the above link and make a comment!

Finally, I wanted to share a picture of the gift that my girls' Daisy and Brownie troop leaders are getting this year. Do you ever crack yourself up?! I must admit that I do quite often--I have giggled to myself several times making these :). Maybe it is because I have been spending crazy amounts of hours in my studio alone! I just might be cracking, but at least I am having fun :D. 
So, I made wine glass charms with each girl's first initial. The leader simply chooses the charm that helped her earn her glass of wine that day--giggle! These ladies sure do work hard and the girls just love it. I hope they know that we appreciate them!

Happy Holidays to each of you and Thank YOU for supporting N's Whims during 2012! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Holiday Open House

I can't believe we are only one week away! Seems like just yesterday I was putting the final touches on the girls' Halloween costumes! And, yet, in just 6 more days, it will be December.... Which means, the holiday open house is here! Saturday, December 1st from 9-12 at 1418 Blue Ridge Trail. This is in the Southbridge neighborhood in Waunakee, WI. As always, you will find only hand-made, well-made unique items perfect to gift--if you can find a way to part with them :). I can also promise holiday tunes, treats and maybe even an N2 giveaway (hint, hint)!

I am especially excited to share with you the giving back part of this open house. It is two-part this time. First of all, the vendors will be sharing a percentage of profits with Got Love? This is a local group with big dreams of changing the lives of many families in Guatemala.  All of the artists will be donating money to purchase used and refurbished sewing machines for women in Guatemala. This will give Guatemalan women a way to create their own crafts to sell and help support their families! How is that for crafting to give back--for more crafting! So super cool if you ask me! These women have never worked an electric sewing machine before. On their last trip Annette Kruschek's daughter and Mother-n-law taught women how to operate a machine. Now these women are teaching others within the village how to use the machines that were purchased. It has been very successful and many items have been made since their trip. I love the, "Sewing Hope" project. That is the ultimate goal... hope for a brighter future!! 

Annette Kruschek will also have a Got Love? table full of hand-made items made by Guatemalans. The proceeds from these purchases go right back to helping the needy in Guatemala. You are really going to want to check out their facebook page and see the amazing ways that they are giving back in this country with so many shortages. Annette will also be able to tell you so much more about what they have done and are planning to do. Of course, if you would like to sponsor a sewing machine yourself, you can donate directly at the open house as well. Giving a working sewing machine to a family is only $35!

The second way to give back at this open house is at the Craft to Give back table. Once a month, a group of amazing women get together and make things to help N's Whims give back to the community. N's Whims donates all of the supplies for each crafting session. Then, we work together to make the projects. We are now selling some of the fun things we make. ALL proceeds from the sales of these items will be donated to DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services) in Madison. How cool is that?! Here are some pictures of a few of the items that will be available at the Craft to give back table. Also, we would like to refurbish some outdated/unwanted furniture with good bones to sell at future open houses. If you have some furniture (even if broken, we can re-purpose parts) or paints you would like to donate, please let me know!

Now that you know about all the ways you can feel even better about spending your money at the open house, let me give you some clues as to who will be here and what kinds of amazing handmade goodies you might find! Of course, you will find N's Whims jewelry and other whims--I am going to be a jewelry making fiend this week, and won't be posting any of the new lovelies so there will be lots of suprises! Come early for the best selection as many will be one of a kinds! Bring a guest who is new to N's Whims and get 10% off of one N's Whims item at the open house! Make sure you let me know because it can get CRAZY during the open houses! Oh, and I should also let you know that I have someone on board to help me bag and ring this time AND my studio is now across the hall, so there is more room to browse in the boutique now! Woohoo! You will also find many N2 items in my boutique. These are fun projects that Nicole Mihalas and I create together--she is amazingly talented and so much fun to be with. So, we combine both of our skills and creativity to come up with some cool creations to sell. There are also a few items made by our girls, Zoe and Bella--gotta keep them busy while we are crafting! If you need some sticky bands from Cdel design, you can pick them up in my boutique as well.

Dede's beautiful stained glass pieces will also be available at this open house. She will have several smaller pieces that are perfect for gift giving! Her glass items were very popular at the last open house! She will also have some winter hats--they are one size fits most. All of my girls and I enjoy wearing them all winter long!  Here is a sample of her abstract glasswork--one of the pieces that makes me smile every time I walk into my living room :). 

Sue Jacobs, who works at Arboretum School, is going to be joining us for the first time. She makes beautiful bags and purses--as well as other cool items. I don't have a picture for you--you'll just have to trust me that you'll want to arrive early and check out her items because they are mostly one of a kinds and are likely to sell quickly! Her items are so well made and use such cute fabrics. You are going to LOVE them!

Caroline Designs has been busy coming up with some new items. Her new skirt design is especially cute and whimsical. I love the little details on these skirts--each is one of a kind! She is also making the adorable ruffled pants pictured on the right. These are a great alternative option under skirts and dresses in the winter. My girls love wearing them because they feel like pj's, without looking like it :). She will have hair accessories, green snack bags, gnome doors & other skirts available as well.

Super excited to get the rest of my holiday shopping completed at this open house! Can't wait to see you all there!

Friday, September 21, 2012

And, finally, the last vendor at the open house will be....

Jessica Regele! 

Jessica owns The Regal Find, a gift & craft shop  located in downtown Middleton.  This little shop will be filled with handmade, local and vintage finds.  There will also be a dedicated space for workshops, crafting treasures and parties.  A special event is scheduled at the shop for the end of November and the shop will then be open full-time in February. Jessica is currently taking applications for crafters interested in selling lovelies at the shop!

Jessica specializing in re-purposed finds.  The picture above features a  pre-loved cabinet front and a found clearance floral arrangement (that needed some serious holiday bling). So much fun! Can't wait to see all the goodies she will be bringing with her--and how fun will it be to stop in and shop early next year, then step right next door and pick up a lovely treat from Bloom to eat! 

Looking so forward to seeing everyone at the Fall N's Whims Open House this Sunday (yes, only 2 more days!) from 2-5pm. 1418 Blue Ridge Trail, Waunakee. Come early for the best selection. Many of the treasures available are one of a kind and are likely to be scooped up quickly!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Love waking up to the light through my windows!

This is a piece Dede made us, I love how it reminds me of the beach--sand, baubles and blue-green ocean waters....
Dede Kauffman will be at the open house this Sunday, 2-5pm. If you have ever noticed (or heard me going on and on about) the stained glass in my windows, you know Dede does beautiful work! If you haven't, here are two of my favorite pieces that sit in my boutique windows.

Pure happiness when I walk into my studio to begin working and see the sunshine coming through my windows, lighting up the office and casting shades of orange! These two are just perfect for me--down to the swirls and the cracked glass jewels!

This is one of my favorites in my living room--it reminds me of all the jewels and blessings in my family tree....
Bella wearing her fav!

Dede will have some abstract pieces similar to these, as well as some smaller fun pieces. She is also bringing some of the simple warm hats she knits. These are one size fits most--they are super cute on all my girls, and I love to wear them, too!

Oh, one more excellent gift idea--Dede makes crash glass collages--here is one she made for me. Bring a favorite picture or two, and if you have a favorite quote printed (scrapbooking items work great for this) and she'll design one for you, too!

Only 4 more days to some excellent retail therapy-- See you on Sunday afternoon!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 new vendors will be in the house!

I have been trying to talk my friend, Carla, into bringing her wares to my open houses for quite a while! I don't think you will be disappointed in the least that she has FINALLY accepted! 

Carla of Zsa Zsa envisions herself as a part-time, glue-gun-slinging, crafting superhero.  Seeking abandoned tablecloths, drapery, and other doo-dads, Carla saves them from a grim fate.  With a Zsa Zsa make-over these castaways become beloved objects once again.  A drapery becomes a chic “ripped wreath,” a cloth napkin finds panache as a corkboard, vintage patterns become mod trays…  Not only are objects recued and restored, but reused!  Ergo; Zsa Zsa is saving the planet with her green savvy ways. At the sale, Carla will have: Zsa Zsa Gaboards, wreaths, crafts made from vintage pattern pictures, jewelry boxes, coasters and glamorous glitter skeletons.

An added bonus to getting Carla to commit, we get her momma, too! I love that this becomes a family affair (my momma is the creator at Caroline Designs and my mother-in-love, Dede is the woman behind all of my beautiful stained glass and winter hats :). Without further ado, I bring you Jean Zirk of Z Creative!
Some children are born with a silver spoon; Jean was born holding a needle and thread.  The offspring of a potter and home economics teacher, creativity was destined to be in Jean’s genes!  As a young mother of four children in the 1970’s, Jean made all her own and her children’s clothing.  She even sewed uniforms for Berkley’s cheerleading squad in 1970.  These days Jean is enjoying her retirement, her grandchildren and her love for sewing and crafting. At the sale, Jean will have aprons, cards and fall floral arrangements. 

This is shaping up to be the best N's Whims' open house yet! See you this Sunday, 2-5pm!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Back by popular demand....

 Nicole Mihalas will have little girls' hoodie dresses and ruffle pants available at N's Whims' fall open house (this Sunday, 2-5pm). You know the ones--the ones that she sells out of as fast as she sews them! The ones that my girls love to wear because they are so comfortable! The ones that wash and wear and get oh so many complements every time your beautiful daughter wears one! Yes, those hoodie dresses!

There will also be some N² items (creative collaborations made by Nicole and I together) available a this open house. We have some fun items ready to go and are going to do our best to get a few more fun items whipped up before Sunday! Our girls have made a few fun things to sell as well. See you soon! 

Cdel is in the house!

Cdel Design will once again be selling stickybands at N's Whims' open house this coming Sunday (23rd) from 2-5pm. If you have yet to try these, you NEED to change that! They truly are the only hair band I have worn that does not move. They stay put through sweat, wind and even a day at the pool--and, they are washer and dryer safe (I know because they have accidently gone through both cycles many times)! On top of it all, they are cute! 
If you have tried them, I am sure you are ready to pick up a few new ones--I have a drawer full and still manage to find an outfit that demands a new band :).
Come on over and check out the new patterns Lori will be selling! They fit most kids and adults--wouldn't a new Halloween or Badger stickyband be so fun for your darling daughter?! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Introducing a new spin for N's Whims' Open Houses

I am very excited to share with you a new concept I am adding to my open houses. As you know, last year I started a program called Craft to Give Back, in which I use 10% of N's Whims' profits to purchase crafting supplies for special projects. Then, I set a date and invite anyone willing to donate their time. We all work together to make beautiful things, which are then donated to organizations in our community. We have been having so much fun doing this, it hardly feels like work!
Working on the necklaces we donated to Waunakee Neighborhood Connection last Christmas. Children from our community got to shop for gifts for their families for free! Such a fun event.
This year, Craft to Give Back is changing a bit. We are going to be making items to sell and then donating the money earned to organizations that are near and dear to our hearts. I think we can make an even greater impact this way! We don't have anything finished to sell at this fall open house, but will have some by the one in November. So, stay tuned on that one.

In the meantime, I also want to use the open houses as another opportunity to give back. I will be pairing each open house with an organization that I really admire. N's Whims and many of the other vendors will be donating 10% of proceeds from the open house to the organization! So, in effect, you get to buy beautiful things AND in doing so, give back to others. Win all around! 
 So, without further ado, the first organization pairing with the open house will be Bead for Life. They sell paper beads that are made by Ugandan woman, and I use them quite often in my jewelry designs.  

One of my vintage bottle cap bracelet designs with paper beads purchased from Bead for Life.

On their website, you'll find fascinating stories about inspiring members who work in Uganda. Their members are impoverished, hardworking and intelligent women with a strong desire to improve their lives. Their goal is for their members to be independent of Bead for life within 18 months by being able to support themselves within the Ugandan economy.

At the open house, there will be a table for Bead For Life--you can find out more about this amazing organization, buy some beautiful jewelry and find out more information on Craft to Give Back as well. Can't wait to see you next Sunday, 2-5pm! 1418 Blue Ridge Trail.

Friday, September 14, 2012

N's Whims' Fall Open House

 Caroline Designs will be at the open house!

I am so super excited to bring another fun open house, full of unique hand-made items from super creative people who live right here in Wisconsin! The open house is sneaking up quickly, next Sunday afternoon (Sept. 23rd) from 2-5 pm. 

The first vendor I am highlighting is Caroline Designs, made by Nancy Palmer. You'll remember her from the last few open houses. She makes the really cute little girl skirts my daughters absolutely LOVE! 

Caroline Designs will also have some of her bohemian inspired purses available. These purses have such fun details, including the straps made out of men's ties and really cool hand-made art buttons.

Caroline Designs will be bringing a few new products to the open house as well! She is introducing her new snack bags. These bags are vinyl lined, so they are super easy to rinse out and re-use. No need to continually buy ziploc bags for lunches or snacks any more!! She makes them in two sizes--one to fit sandwiches and the other for snacks. Good for the environment, good for your budget AND adorable--what's not to love?!  

I am hearing that she may also be bringing a few women's skirts and hair accessories. There is also a rumor there might even be some gnome houses...! I am intrigued! 

Can't wait to see you there!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Another season of Craft to Give Back begins!

With the close of the crazy summer months, I can't wait for Craft to Give Back to resume!

It was nice to take a little break from Craft to Give Back for the summer--to really be able to reflect on what we have accomplished and where to go from here. But, I must say, I have missed it--the crafting and the giggles, but most of all, hanging out with all of YOU!  This year, I would like to take us from all little crafts to bigger and better! I feel like it is really difficult to come up with items that are both useful, cute and simple to donate to the WNC. While I would still like to do this as we come up with projects that work with that model, I would also like to change it up at times. I really loved some of the group projects that we made for the pinterest baskets. Loved that we all worked together to accomplish really cool things that would normally be too labor intensive for one or two to accomplish on our own. So, Nicole Mihalas and I have been doing some brainstorming. I am officially making her a co-administrator (she messed up and said, "we could...." one day :).  We are thinking that we can make some crafts and actually sell them at N's Whims open houses. Then, donate the money to programs--I am really liking the DAIS program. Everyone who has worked closely with them has nothing but amazing things to say. Plus, I really like the idea of craft to give back being a group of women working to empower and support women. This is definitely a program that is close to my heart. 

So, one of the ideas we have is collecting furniture items that have good bones (made with solid wood) and re-finishing them really funky or shabby chic and selling them. This is something where we could use extra eyes and hands outside of the crafting nights. If you hear of (or have) furniture items you are no longer needing, donate to Craft to Give Back! Also, spreading the word that we are happy to accept these items! I am thinking beds, night stands, dressers, small tables, bookshelves, shelves, table legs/bed legs, plant stands, chairs, etc. Also, if you happen upon something cheap at a resale shop or garage sale ($15 or less), grab it and i will re-imburse you! Another thing you can start to collect would be indoor paint in cute colors (the left-overs from projects that others no longer want), or spray paint, sand paper, etc, paint brushes, etc. I think this will be really fun! Of course, any furniture items we can't sell, we could donate to DAIS to give to women moving out of the shelter and on their own!

In the meantime, I would love to meet in the month of September and make a fun flower project. I think we could sell these possibly at the September open house--or, save them for the November one. Sundance catalog is selling these for $88 for 12 flowers. They are time-consuming for one to make, but very little cost, so would be great profit even at a cheaper price! 
So, let's get together on Monday evening, the 10th of September, from 7:30pm-9:30 and make some happy flowers! Let me know if you are planning to come. If you are, please bring 5 empty and rinsed soda/beer cans (if you have some), and some wine corks (if you have some extras).  Hope to see everyone on the 10th!

Oh, I should say that I still plan to use 10% of N's Whims profits to fund these projects. As this progresses, I may need to look at making Craft to Give Back an official organization (in the event that we make a lot of money to donate :). If there is anyone who would like to volunteer more than just at the craft to give back nights, please let me know! I am looking at ways to incorporate craft to give back with the N's Whims' open houses. The first one, in September, I will be hosting a Bead for Life party, and Lara Herman is planning to work that table. There will also be info on Craft to Give Back nights and such so that we can spread the word. If anyone would like to help man that table with Lara, let me know! It is going to be on Sunday the 23rd from 2-5pm.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot baths, Sunrises and Crayola Crayons

What do hot baths, sunrises and crayola crayons have in common? It all started when I decided to take 20 minutes and soak in the tub Sunday morning while everyone else was still sleeping. It was so nice and quiet, the sun was just rising and the scent of eucalyptus was easing me into the day.

This picture is the view from my tub window Sunday morning!

I began to think about just how long it had been since I last took a few moments like this?! How did I get so busy this summer?! Then, I started thinking about how I used to have to stick my head under the water while the tub was filling to quiet the house and my head when the twins were babies. This made me giggle! I was only able to sneak a tub in occasionally, usually when "Big Annie" (this moniker was only permissible because Ann is a wisp of a woman and Bella chose it) breezed in, swept the girls up in love and allowed me 4 hours of guilt-free freedom. Ann watched our girls a few days a week--although that doesn't even begin to do it justice! When I was tapped out from the constant demands that only twin infants and a toddler are proficient at delivering, Ann would arrive, full of energy, patience and unending stores of unconditional love! She would teach sign language, dole out consistent consequences and provide hours of giggles and hugs.She would also patiently repeat every answer as many times as it took--often adding more information each time, unlike my answers that got shorter with each time the question was repeated. I never felt guilty because I knew that with Ann they were getting more than I had left to give. Also, after witnessing her enjoying my girls, I always seemed to be more capable of being the mom I desired to be when she left. Ann was a Godsend--there is no other way to describe her!

As I was thinking of how lucky we were to have her, I remembered the bottle cap I had set aside over 6 months ago. The cap was for Mason's Root Beer, and Ann's son is named Mason. I had never gotten around to making it, but partly because the colors were red and yellow and I wasn't sure how to make them more Ann. But, Sunday it hit me that nothing is more Ann than bright colors. When black, brown and grey were the only colors left in my box of crayolas, Ann would show up--a full box of bright cheery colors--not a one broken or dull. Cheesy, but true! With that funny thought, I knew exactly the type of beads to put on the rest of Ann's bracelet.

I found the brightest, cheeriest paper beads from Beads for Life to add even more color. I also added a tag stamped with Paige (Ann's daughter's name--can't play favorites :). It is no wonder that Ann has amazingly kind and wonderful children! Thank you, Ann for being an inspiration to me when I didn't even have the energy to look for inspiration! Thank you for loving and pouring into our children, possibly even better than if they had been your own!

And, there you have it--a bit of insight into how my crazy brain works! Be thankful you can walk away :). May each of you also find a few minutes to quiet your soul and get inspired today!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Another fun craft to give back....

Thanks to all the fun ladies that joined us last night for Craft to give back! First, Kara showed us how to make cute little garlands for decorating kids' rooms or birthday parties. Super easy to make--especially with 6 pairs of hands cutting the shapes! The one in the picture is orange, pink and white--we also made a couple that are Waunakee purple and white, and two others with bold colors. These are going in the young girl's pinterest basket, which will be up for raffle at the Arboretum PTO basket drawing and art show.

Under the banner, are four little ball jar lanterns. Drop a citronella tea candle in there and serve your margaritas in ball jars this summer on the patio! So super cute. The insides were painted with transparent glass paint and then they were baked to make them waterproof. These will be going in the pinterest basket for ladies, which will also be in the raffle for the Arboretum Elementary basket drawing.

These baskets are going to be overflowing due to the generous giving of some very talented ladies in our town. So far, we have a gorgeous handmade bag, 2 scarves, an embellished winter hat, wine bags, ball jar lanterns and something fun from N's Whims (of course), and a few items I am waiting on in the women's basket. In the kids' basket, there is a fancy tutu, hair flowers with a cute little hanger, onesies and receiving blankets gift pack, onesies and blankets embellished with owls, an adorable hoodie dress and these felt garlands and a super cute bulletin board. So much fun in these baskets! If you make something you would like to add to either of these baskets, we would LOVE to have it!

Next month, we will be taking a break from Craft to give back. Instead, I will host a craft to craft night :). Join us for a night to hang out and enjoy each other while getting something done that you just haven't found the time to do yet (be it a craft, folding your laundry or relaxation)! Stay tuned for the date in May and I hope you can join us for craft to craft night.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April craft to give back

Besides the terribly tied bow (I just may be the worst at tying bows I have ever encountered!), I think our paper wreath turned out really well! It was a LOT of work and would not be nearly as fun without all the hands pitching in at Craft to give back!!!
This is the final craft to give back where we will be creating items to donate to the Arboretum PTO basket drawing. We are going to be working on finishing up the hanging lanterns we started last month. We will also be learning a new craft--Kara is going to show us how to make a kids' banner. So fun! I will also be looking for one more project for us to do. Let me know if you see something on Pinterest you want to try!!!

Anyway, the craft to give back night will be Sunday, the 15th from 7:15-9:15. Hope to have you join us! As usual, please let me know if you plan to attend so that we can organize the right amount of supplies and tools! Thanks so much!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

oooh, pick me, pick me!

Found this giveaway for the cutest little clay beads this morning! You should check them out, she is having a sale on her clay beads, too. I see a little shopping in my future--maybe if this open house goes well, a good bit o' shopping ;)!
Check out Tree Wings Studio's Blog!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And, last but not least,...

Nicole Mihalas will be at the open house this Sunday! She has agreed to do a one-time sale of crafty things she makes. I have already posted a picture of the dresses she is making for girls--but will include one here just in case you didn't get to peek!
If you are a fan of the Athleta brand Nusa roll-over skirt (which just happens to be one of my favorites--I actually own 3 ;), you are going to want to make a bee-line to Nicole's table! She is sewing up some skir
ts that are remarkably similar--only, unlike Athleta's, they come in ADORABLE prints. Check out the one she made me in a fun asian-inspired floral. LOVE IT!
Nicole will also be selling a few of her birds--I have one sitting on top of my chain stand in my studio--super fun! You will also be able to check out some fun little items that Nicole and I have crafted together, we are calling it N². Nicole will be donating one of these items, to the door prize drawing--see, I told you this is one open house you are not going to want to miss! Come early for the best selection. Nicole will not be taking special orders. Once they sell, sadly, that is it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cdel designs will be here, too!

If you know anything about me, you know I just about LIVE in my sticky bands! These bands truly don't move! I have just about every color out there, I am embarrassed to admit--and am often lured by another pretty print. I wear them to teach group exercise classes, to make jewelry (keeps the hair out of the face), to the pool (they can get wet along with your suit), and any other day I just don't have the time to do my hair (which is all too often of late)! They would also be the perfect answer for anyone trying to grow out their bangs ;). They are machine wash and dry-able, too! I know because they often find their way into my dryer.... Anyway, Lori will be bringing her original cotton sticky bands (with the velour backing) along with some new items she is selling.

Introducing, the new Wickyband. This is a wider headband made of moisture wicking sport spandex. How cool is that?! I have been known to soak a stickyband in spin class--maybe this is the new answer for me!!

As a door prize, Lori is providing your choice of any two headbands. Rock on! Again, you do not need to be present at the time of the drawing to win.

Lori is also selling I-Pad pockets . Click
I-Pad pocket to be directed to her facebook page with a picture of these cute covers.

Woot! Everything is shaping up for an amazing open house--see you on Sunday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Caroline is in the house....

The Caroline line will be back at the open house (Sunday, 1-4pm). Nancy will have her super cute skirts that she premiered at the last open house, including some new spring designs.

She has a
dded the scrappy skirt to the line. These are one of a kind skirts with multiple panels. Each one has a cute button and ribbon on one of the panels. This beautiful brown, orange and turquoise skirt is one that will be available (size 4).

She has also added some cute ruffle skirts in t-shirt material. Each of these is one of a kind, as well. They are super soft and flouncy. She sent me a picture of the sweetest little size 3--what do you think?! I say, PERFECT for spring!

Another new item Nancy is adding to her line is a fabric purse. These are very Bohemian--again, each is a one of a kind. The details on these purses are so fun. The straps are men's ties and the cute little wood buttons are hand-made by Nancy's talented husband, Bud. I am trying to get him to make some of his fabulous bird-houses for the next open house!

Nancy will be selling her hair flowers again at the open house, as well as some flower pins. You will definitely want to get your name in the hat for the door prizes, as Nancy is donating a women's flower broach (add this bit of flair to a purse, hat or jacket) AND a
coupon for 30% off of one of her items. See you on Sunday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Open house line-up and craft to give back....

This coming Sunday (18th) from 1-4PM, I am hosting an open house at 1418 Blue Ridge Trail in Waunakee, WI. Along with N's Whims items (including new, unposted inventory), you will get to see items by Poplin, The Caroline line, Cdel and a one-time showing by Nicole Mihalas. There will even be a few items that Nicole and I have worked together on, under the name of N², and a few items made by our daughters, Zoe and Bella (they are trying to earn some fun money for Spring Break :).

This w
ill be Poplin's third time at an N's Whims open house. She sets up such a cute display full of fun items geared toward adorable tots and their cool moms. She has added a few new items to her inventory, including fabric journal covers with the journal and chirpy birds. The birds are little stuffed animals with a pocket and can be used for lost tooth pillows, to hold a gift card, candy, note, a cute Easter gift, etc. Journals are $12 and birds are $14. Once again, there will be door prizes donated by each vendor at the open house, and you need not be present at the time of the drawing to win. Poplin's door prize is a cute little coffee cozy and a Starbuck's gift card. Woot! I know what drink I would get if I won!

Here is a picture of the door prize from Poplin:
And, last but not least, a picture of her cute little journals--I could see my daughter, Bella, using one for a diary!
Also, trying to squeeze a little craft to give back in before Spring Break--crazy times around here, I tell ya! Anyway, the next craft to give back night is going to be next Tuesday, the 20th at 7:15 PM. We will be working more on the pinterest baskets for the drawing at Arboretum School. We need to finish up the paper wreath, and we are going to do freezer paper projects for the child pinterest basket. This is a picture of one of the freezer paper shirts I made for my daughter, Bella. So, if you have been wanting to learn this technique, you will want to come this night for sure! We will have one more pinterest night in April to finish up our donations to the Arboretum PTO. As usual, all craft supplies will be provided, just let me know you are coming, arrive and learn a new skill--all while giving back to our community--PERFECT!

Stay tuned to see more pictures of items the other vendors will be bringing on Sunday. Can't wait to see you there!