Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween creativity

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Halloweens past! My parents would ask all 6 of us early in the fall what we would like to be for Halloween. Then, when we had finally settled on our heart's desire, they would magically make it happen. We won many a contest growing up, with our homemade costumes. One year, after much begging, my mom actually dug deep in her wallet and bought me an orphan Annie costume from the store (after I swore I would wear the dress after Halloween, which I never did). I am actually somewhat embarrassed when I look at the pictures from that particular Halloween!
I have decided to continue this tradition with the Lutes ladies! I do buy a piece or two (when the twins were toddlers, I needed to make an exception and buy their lion outfits) and alter some here or there, but the overall effect is going to be something created by us (my parents have often jumped in to help)!

That being said, I thought I would take a stroll down memory lane and share with you the Lutes ladies halloween costumes from the last 7 years...

In 2006, Bella was a train conductor. We needed to come up with a costume that would allow us to pull all three kids, and allow the twins to sleep if needed. So, we made the peapod express. The twins wore a peapod sack with two heads (the only costume I have attempted to sew). The front wagon was the engine, the back wagon was the pea car :D.
The next year, Bella was old enough to walk, so we only needed one wagon. That year, Bella was the lion tamer, and her sisters, the circus lions. Loved this one! My dad did an amazing job with the wagon that year, don't you think?!!!

A few months before Halloween 2008, I found an alligator costume at a garage sale. Since we often call Alli, 'alligator,' I had to buy it! This prompted the year of dressing each of the girls as their nickname. Bella became a 'bella-rina,' Alli an 'alligator' and Milana 'ana banana.'

Halloween 2009, we had moved to the Madison area. Our girls were very into dress-up this year, and some of their favorite options were dresses that Mike's grandmother had sewn for some of Mike's cousins when he was a kid. These dresses became the cornerstone of our costumes this year. Because the dresses looked like they were from the time of pioneers, we went with that theme.
Last year, my girls bucked all of my suggestions for cos
tumes. At first, I was annoyed (this had been so fun for me--deciding their costumes and creating them). But, then I remembered why Halloween was so fun for me as a kid--I got to name it and mom and dad got to make it! So, we went with it. Bella chose strawberry shortcake, Alli wanted to be a cupcake and Milana a love superhero (you know, they spread love all over the world!). Turns out it is great fun to let the girls name my challenge!

This year, m
y girls chose to be strawberry shortcake characters. Bella is being plum pudding, the strawberry shortcake outfit is being re-visited by Alli, and Milana is lemon meringue. Fun, fun, fun! Oh, and a shout out to Mike's mom, Dede, for knitting plum puddings sweater and helping with the leg warmers! I love that they chose a theme this year. This may be the last themed Halloween for a while in the Lutes household, that is unless M and I decide to dress up again! Happy Halloween, everyone! Enjoy the candy, fun and creativity this night brings!!!

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