Monday, January 23, 2012

Bead soup anyone?!

Today I put together my bead soup mix for my partner, Patti Vanderbloemen.LinkHere is a teaser photo of what I threw in her soup--can't wait to see what she makes with it! We were supposed to send things that we like that are not normally used by our partner....

While I was at it, I put together a bead soup mix for my friend, Mimi, who did not get randomly chosen this time for the bead soup party. You see, this has become such a popular idea that there are too many designers who sign up for a spot.
Lori Anderson, the organizer of this amazing event has to randomly choose the participants in order to keep it manageable. She came up with such a cool concept--one jewelry designer swaps beads with another designer, working with beads outside your normal ingredient list and creating a new recipe--so to speak :). Anyway, Mimi not getting chosen made my randomly chosen excitement a little bittersweet. She was going to go through her own beads and try to push herself to work it differently and then post along with the party, but I thought this would be a fun little surprise :). Here is a teaser photo of her soup mix:

Last time, I just threw my things in a package and sent them out--I was not aware that the packaging should be as pretty as the beads inside :). I usually use up my creativity long before the packaging--but, I gave it my best:

I thought it would be fun to wrap it like a huge piece of candy--open it up and find "eye candy!"


  1. I am intrigued! I see blue....lime green...hmmmm! I cannot wait to get it! And, I love your package! Don't be upset with mine....please!!!!

  2. Awwee that was nice of you. I know I was bummed to not get chosen this time either, but am looking forward to seeing all the other creations!! :)

  3. Patti, you are too funny--as a packaging is usually last thought kinda girl, i could care less :). debbie, such a bummer that everyone can't get it on it--i get it,so much work, but def. a bummer. i like that you will have double chances next time!