Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finding new whims....

Last night was the annual Waunakee father-daughter dance. Being that I have three daughters and no sons, that leaves me solo for the evening. So, after I got my three little ladies off to the ball with my prince, I got my craft on with my partner in crime, Nicole Mihalas. We poured our glass of wine, played some chill tunes and got to work. Oh, is that ever good for the soul! I had so much fun making cute freezer paper painted shirts, I thought I would share with you! Hope you enjoy my little bit of happy as much as I do!

Here is one of the shirts we made for Bella:
Here is Alli's shirt--she LOVES elephants:

And, here is Milana's shirt--hippo's are her fav!

I love that I can make similar shirts for the twins and yet highlight their individuality at the same time. They still love to "match" but do not want to be exactly the same. They call it "matchy, matchy butterfly" as opposed to "matchy, matchy, do, do." Whatever that means :). They all make me giggle every day!


  1. Adorable! Never heard of freezer paper painted shirts. And giggling is always good. . . :)

  2. mimi, the hardest part is cutting out the pattern with the exacto knife. we need to make some shirts for the fab four at the bead and button so we don't lose each other :)

  3. Those girls are so stinkin cute! The shirts look amazing especially all those tiny little flowers;)

    I can see the 4 of us wearing our Bead show shirts now with "The 3 jewelers and a Gem" across the boobs..... Guess who's the gem;)

  4. NMihalas, it is because you wouldn't let me take the easy route that night that they turned out so cute! I owe it all to you!!

    As for my shirt, it should read, "Where's the jeweler? Found me some gems." Yours will all read, "gem"