Thursday, February 16, 2012

Next Thursday, February 23rd

It is official, the date for February's craft to give back is set: Thursday the 23rd. This craft to give back is going to be different, and I am thinking super fun! Who doesn't love pinterest?! WELL, this month and next month, instead of donating to the WNC, we are going to be making projects found on Pinterest. We will be donating them to the Arboretum Art Show and Basket Raffle in April. This is an event put on by the PTO to raise money for extras the school would like to purchase. There are going to be 2 pinterest baskets--one for the woman (accessories and things for the home) and one for kids. SOOOOO, the first night, I will be leading a wreath project and Tanya Quint has graciously agreed to lead a scarf project. I would love to have another volunteer to lead a third project if we have time for it (depends on how many hands we have that night). It could be a project for several to work on or something for just a few. It should be something that you have pinned that you would love to have for yourself!

I think this will be super fun and maybe help some of us get over that fear of jumping off and making some of those things you have been pinning!

It will be really helpful to know if you are planning to attend, and if you would like to lead a project. Thanks! I want to make sure we have enough to keep everyone's hands busy creating!!!
Also, if you have a glue gun, that will come in handy for this month's crafts. Please feel free to comment here on the blog or at N's Whims on facebook. Can't wait to hang and get crafty!

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  1. Count me in!!! I can bring a glue gun. I can help with the third project if you'd like too:) Can't wait!