Monday, April 16, 2012

Another fun craft to give back....

Thanks to all the fun ladies that joined us last night for Craft to give back! First, Kara showed us how to make cute little garlands for decorating kids' rooms or birthday parties. Super easy to make--especially with 6 pairs of hands cutting the shapes! The one in the picture is orange, pink and white--we also made a couple that are Waunakee purple and white, and two others with bold colors. These are going in the young girl's pinterest basket, which will be up for raffle at the Arboretum PTO basket drawing and art show.

Under the banner, are four little ball jar lanterns. Drop a citronella tea candle in there and serve your margaritas in ball jars this summer on the patio! So super cute. The insides were painted with transparent glass paint and then they were baked to make them waterproof. These will be going in the pinterest basket for ladies, which will also be in the raffle for the Arboretum Elementary basket drawing.

These baskets are going to be overflowing due to the generous giving of some very talented ladies in our town. So far, we have a gorgeous handmade bag, 2 scarves, an embellished winter hat, wine bags, ball jar lanterns and something fun from N's Whims (of course), and a few items I am waiting on in the women's basket. In the kids' basket, there is a fancy tutu, hair flowers with a cute little hanger, onesies and receiving blankets gift pack, onesies and blankets embellished with owls, an adorable hoodie dress and these felt garlands and a super cute bulletin board. So much fun in these baskets! If you make something you would like to add to either of these baskets, we would LOVE to have it!

Next month, we will be taking a break from Craft to give back. Instead, I will host a craft to craft night :). Join us for a night to hang out and enjoy each other while getting something done that you just haven't found the time to do yet (be it a craft, folding your laundry or relaxation)! Stay tuned for the date in May and I hope you can join us for craft to craft night.

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