Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot baths, Sunrises and Crayola Crayons

What do hot baths, sunrises and crayola crayons have in common? It all started when I decided to take 20 minutes and soak in the tub Sunday morning while everyone else was still sleeping. It was so nice and quiet, the sun was just rising and the scent of eucalyptus was easing me into the day.

This picture is the view from my tub window Sunday morning!

I began to think about just how long it had been since I last took a few moments like this?! How did I get so busy this summer?! Then, I started thinking about how I used to have to stick my head under the water while the tub was filling to quiet the house and my head when the twins were babies. This made me giggle! I was only able to sneak a tub in occasionally, usually when "Big Annie" (this moniker was only permissible because Ann is a wisp of a woman and Bella chose it) breezed in, swept the girls up in love and allowed me 4 hours of guilt-free freedom. Ann watched our girls a few days a week--although that doesn't even begin to do it justice! When I was tapped out from the constant demands that only twin infants and a toddler are proficient at delivering, Ann would arrive, full of energy, patience and unending stores of unconditional love! She would teach sign language, dole out consistent consequences and provide hours of giggles and hugs.She would also patiently repeat every answer as many times as it took--often adding more information each time, unlike my answers that got shorter with each time the question was repeated. I never felt guilty because I knew that with Ann they were getting more than I had left to give. Also, after witnessing her enjoying my girls, I always seemed to be more capable of being the mom I desired to be when she left. Ann was a Godsend--there is no other way to describe her!

As I was thinking of how lucky we were to have her, I remembered the bottle cap I had set aside over 6 months ago. The cap was for Mason's Root Beer, and Ann's son is named Mason. I had never gotten around to making it, but partly because the colors were red and yellow and I wasn't sure how to make them more Ann. But, Sunday it hit me that nothing is more Ann than bright colors. When black, brown and grey were the only colors left in my box of crayolas, Ann would show up--a full box of bright cheery colors--not a one broken or dull. Cheesy, but true! With that funny thought, I knew exactly the type of beads to put on the rest of Ann's bracelet.

I found the brightest, cheeriest paper beads from Beads for Life to add even more color. I also added a tag stamped with Paige (Ann's daughter's name--can't play favorites :). It is no wonder that Ann has amazingly kind and wonderful children! Thank you, Ann for being an inspiration to me when I didn't even have the energy to look for inspiration! Thank you for loving and pouring into our children, possibly even better than if they had been your own!

And, there you have it--a bit of insight into how my crazy brain works! Be thankful you can walk away :). May each of you also find a few minutes to quiet your soul and get inspired today!

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