Saturday, March 17, 2012

oooh, pick me, pick me!

Found this giveaway for the cutest little clay beads this morning! You should check them out, she is having a sale on her clay beads, too. I see a little shopping in my future--maybe if this open house goes well, a good bit o' shopping ;)!
Check out Tree Wings Studio's Blog!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And, last but not least,...

Nicole Mihalas will be at the open house this Sunday! She has agreed to do a one-time sale of crafty things she makes. I have already posted a picture of the dresses she is making for girls--but will include one here just in case you didn't get to peek!
If you are a fan of the Athleta brand Nusa roll-over skirt (which just happens to be one of my favorites--I actually own 3 ;), you are going to want to make a bee-line to Nicole's table! She is sewing up some skir
ts that are remarkably similar--only, unlike Athleta's, they come in ADORABLE prints. Check out the one she made me in a fun asian-inspired floral. LOVE IT!
Nicole will also be selling a few of her birds--I have one sitting on top of my chain stand in my studio--super fun! You will also be able to check out some fun little items that Nicole and I have crafted together, we are calling it N². Nicole will be donating one of these items, to the door prize drawing--see, I told you this is one open house you are not going to want to miss! Come early for the best selection. Nicole will not be taking special orders. Once they sell, sadly, that is it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cdel designs will be here, too!

If you know anything about me, you know I just about LIVE in my sticky bands! These bands truly don't move! I have just about every color out there, I am embarrassed to admit--and am often lured by another pretty print. I wear them to teach group exercise classes, to make jewelry (keeps the hair out of the face), to the pool (they can get wet along with your suit), and any other day I just don't have the time to do my hair (which is all too often of late)! They would also be the perfect answer for anyone trying to grow out their bangs ;). They are machine wash and dry-able, too! I know because they often find their way into my dryer.... Anyway, Lori will be bringing her original cotton sticky bands (with the velour backing) along with some new items she is selling.

Introducing, the new Wickyband. This is a wider headband made of moisture wicking sport spandex. How cool is that?! I have been known to soak a stickyband in spin class--maybe this is the new answer for me!!

As a door prize, Lori is providing your choice of any two headbands. Rock on! Again, you do not need to be present at the time of the drawing to win.

Lori is also selling I-Pad pockets . Click
I-Pad pocket to be directed to her facebook page with a picture of these cute covers.

Woot! Everything is shaping up for an amazing open house--see you on Sunday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Caroline is in the house....

The Caroline line will be back at the open house (Sunday, 1-4pm). Nancy will have her super cute skirts that she premiered at the last open house, including some new spring designs.

She has a
dded the scrappy skirt to the line. These are one of a kind skirts with multiple panels. Each one has a cute button and ribbon on one of the panels. This beautiful brown, orange and turquoise skirt is one that will be available (size 4).

She has also added some cute ruffle skirts in t-shirt material. Each of these is one of a kind, as well. They are super soft and flouncy. She sent me a picture of the sweetest little size 3--what do you think?! I say, PERFECT for spring!

Another new item Nancy is adding to her line is a fabric purse. These are very Bohemian--again, each is a one of a kind. The details on these purses are so fun. The straps are men's ties and the cute little wood buttons are hand-made by Nancy's talented husband, Bud. I am trying to get him to make some of his fabulous bird-houses for the next open house!

Nancy will be selling her hair flowers again at the open house, as well as some flower pins. You will definitely want to get your name in the hat for the door prizes, as Nancy is donating a women's flower broach (add this bit of flair to a purse, hat or jacket) AND a
coupon for 30% off of one of her items. See you on Sunday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Open house line-up and craft to give back....

This coming Sunday (18th) from 1-4PM, I am hosting an open house at 1418 Blue Ridge Trail in Waunakee, WI. Along with N's Whims items (including new, unposted inventory), you will get to see items by Poplin, The Caroline line, Cdel and a one-time showing by Nicole Mihalas. There will even be a few items that Nicole and I have worked together on, under the name of N², and a few items made by our daughters, Zoe and Bella (they are trying to earn some fun money for Spring Break :).

This w
ill be Poplin's third time at an N's Whims open house. She sets up such a cute display full of fun items geared toward adorable tots and their cool moms. She has added a few new items to her inventory, including fabric journal covers with the journal and chirpy birds. The birds are little stuffed animals with a pocket and can be used for lost tooth pillows, to hold a gift card, candy, note, a cute Easter gift, etc. Journals are $12 and birds are $14. Once again, there will be door prizes donated by each vendor at the open house, and you need not be present at the time of the drawing to win. Poplin's door prize is a cute little coffee cozy and a Starbuck's gift card. Woot! I know what drink I would get if I won!

Here is a picture of the door prize from Poplin:
And, last but not least, a picture of her cute little journals--I could see my daughter, Bella, using one for a diary!
Also, trying to squeeze a little craft to give back in before Spring Break--crazy times around here, I tell ya! Anyway, the next craft to give back night is going to be next Tuesday, the 20th at 7:15 PM. We will be working more on the pinterest baskets for the drawing at Arboretum School. We need to finish up the paper wreath, and we are going to do freezer paper projects for the child pinterest basket. This is a picture of one of the freezer paper shirts I made for my daughter, Bella. So, if you have been wanting to learn this technique, you will want to come this night for sure! We will have one more pinterest night in April to finish up our donations to the Arboretum PTO. As usual, all craft supplies will be provided, just let me know you are coming, arrive and learn a new skill--all while giving back to our community--PERFECT!

Stay tuned to see more pictures of items the other vendors will be bringing on Sunday. Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ta-Da! The bead soup reveal

LinkJust to refresh your memory, my lovely bead partner, Patti Vanderbloemen generously sent me this bead soup to create with. These were the two porcelain pendants that scared me the most. First of all, I don't gravitate toward blue. Secondly, the bottom dragonfly who speaks to me is larger than I would typically use. And then, there is always the worry, what if I don't do it justice?!

She also
sent me sterling silver to work with. Scary! I don't tend to work with sterling because it is expensive and more dainty than the metals I tend to use. The clasps were handmade by , and beautiful! I actually ended up taking apart 2 necklaces that I made a while ago to use their chain. The chain she sent was so pretty, I didn't want to mess it up ;).

Last, but not le
ast, Patti also sent some beautiful glass and enameled metal beads to use as accents. I am especially thankful for the inspiration that came from the yellow enameled beads! That would not have been my first choice for an accent color, and boy did I love the colors together!

Without further ado, this is the necklace I created: My first inclination was to put the pendant in the center and dangle some dangly bits from the bottom hole--sounds like just something I would do, huh?! And, while that would have worked, I r
eally wanted to try something NEW. So, I put the pendant off-center and added some other focals. Continuing with the asymmetrical feel, I used two different sterling silver chains--doubling the smaller simpler chain to even the weight. I chose the smaller of the two clasps that Patti made, since the necklace already felt big to me.
I added a blue enamel flower from C-Koop beads with a tiny yellow turquoise center to the dragonfly pendant. I then used Patti's yellow enamel bead, a purple and blue agate slice pendant and a yellow agate rondelle that matched the enamel bead to complete the design.

Yesterday, I
had a few quiet moments and decided to make some earrings. I wanted to use a bit of the beautiful chain Patti sent me. I was going to add a glass rondelle to them, but it felt to pretty and sophisticated for the whimsy of the necklace. Instead, I found these fun little clay beads with blue, purple and yellow. Perfect. Until working with this bead soup, I had not come up with any way to use these funky little beads. So, what do you think?

I have another design brewing in my head for a fun silver and bead bracelet. While it will have to wait for another day, I plan to incorporate the other yellow enamel bead, some of the lovely glass rondelles and maybe another one or two of these fun clay beads.

Don't let the fun end here! There is a party going on that you won't want to miss. Click on the names below to see the other designers' before and after shots. I am off to do the same! Ta-ta for now....