Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Almost there--more new artists at the Open House!

Some of Connie's infinity scarves sitting in Wayne's bowl
Today I get to tell you about the final set of artists who will be selling at the Open House. One of my friends in the neighborhood told me about a local Waunakee gal who knits gorgeous things. Well, I contacted her and she has agreed to sell at the open house! Her name is Connie Burmeister. She really enjoys knitting with silks (wait until you get to feel her scarves), but uses other types of yarn as well.

LOVE these scoops--everything about them--the weight, feel and color!

After confirming with her that she could be here, she mentioned that her husband is a woodworker. I stopped by their house one day after teaching spin (yes, they put up with my stinky self :) to see his work. Wow, was I amazed. It was clear that Wayne really loves what he does. The scoop handles pictured above were designed by Wayne and they have such a nice feel as you hold them. His pieces are definitely works of art--he lets the unique natural patterns in the wood sing in his finished pieces. 

This piece is for serving olives and is such an innovative design. You put the olives in the base of the piece and close the lid of the upper bowl (which is open for the picture). As you eat the olives, you drop the pit into the upper bowl. No piles of unsightly pits laying around :). Super idea, if you ask me. The bottom is expertly shaped out of one piece of wood. 

See you Sunday 2-5pm at 1418 Blue Ridge Trail.
Just a few more days to wait! 

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