Monday, April 29, 2013

Badaxe Design is in the house!

I am so excited to let you know that Badaxedesign will be at the N's Whims Open House this Sunday from 2-5pm. For the first time ever, we will have things that are geared toward the men in your life who love to fish (although, I must say that Jonathan's wife looks adorable in his t-shirts)! Jonathan Marquardt lives right here in Waunakee and he has effectively combined his passion for art with that for fly-fishing and the results are so cool. 
One of Badaxedesign's most recent prints.

Johnathan uses a linocut block printing to create his designs. "Linocut block printing is akin to Japanese woodcuts and intaglio.  I use two gouges to carve the surface of my linoleum covered blocks upon which I sketch reverse images for my final pieces.  

Once I have finished carving, I roll the surface with acrylic or oil based ink and press artist's paper down onto the block using a hand held press (someday I'll have a rolling press.)  When the paper is pulled away, the final image is visible.  Each one is created through a hand-made process.  There are many blade sizes but I use primarily two for creating designs.  The depth and width of each cut dictates the final appearance of my image.  A skipping blade can ruin many days of careful work." You can see pictures of the process on Badaxedesign's website.

 Badaxedesign has been featured in several fishing magazines, including The flyfish Journal. Let Badaxedesign be your one-stop shopping for the fishermen in your life who don't need any more gear! 

Mike has a hat, a shirt (excellent quality, by the way) and several framed prints from Badaxedesign, and loves every one of them! To be honest, when it comes to fly-fishing, I have no idea what to buy him--but I can pick out a t-shirt ;). You should definitely head to Badaxedesign's facebook page, to see more. 

At the open house, you will be able to purchase t-shirts, hats and prints of varying sizes at Badaxedesign's table. Jonathan also has a fun series of prints that feature different states and the fish associated with that state. I am thinking that Mike might need an Illinois one for Father's day, since that is the state we lived in when we met :). Shhh! Don't tell him!

This blog in a nutshell--Open House, 1418 Blue Ridge Trail on Sunday, May 5th from 2-5pm. You don't want to miss an opportunity to shop Badaxedesign and many other local artists. Be there! 


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