Monday, September 3, 2012

Another season of Craft to Give Back begins!

With the close of the crazy summer months, I can't wait for Craft to Give Back to resume!

It was nice to take a little break from Craft to Give Back for the summer--to really be able to reflect on what we have accomplished and where to go from here. But, I must say, I have missed it--the crafting and the giggles, but most of all, hanging out with all of YOU!  This year, I would like to take us from all little crafts to bigger and better! I feel like it is really difficult to come up with items that are both useful, cute and simple to donate to the WNC. While I would still like to do this as we come up with projects that work with that model, I would also like to change it up at times. I really loved some of the group projects that we made for the pinterest baskets. Loved that we all worked together to accomplish really cool things that would normally be too labor intensive for one or two to accomplish on our own. So, Nicole Mihalas and I have been doing some brainstorming. I am officially making her a co-administrator (she messed up and said, "we could...." one day :).  We are thinking that we can make some crafts and actually sell them at N's Whims open houses. Then, donate the money to programs--I am really liking the DAIS program. Everyone who has worked closely with them has nothing but amazing things to say. Plus, I really like the idea of craft to give back being a group of women working to empower and support women. This is definitely a program that is close to my heart. 

So, one of the ideas we have is collecting furniture items that have good bones (made with solid wood) and re-finishing them really funky or shabby chic and selling them. This is something where we could use extra eyes and hands outside of the crafting nights. If you hear of (or have) furniture items you are no longer needing, donate to Craft to Give Back! Also, spreading the word that we are happy to accept these items! I am thinking beds, night stands, dressers, small tables, bookshelves, shelves, table legs/bed legs, plant stands, chairs, etc. Also, if you happen upon something cheap at a resale shop or garage sale ($15 or less), grab it and i will re-imburse you! Another thing you can start to collect would be indoor paint in cute colors (the left-overs from projects that others no longer want), or spray paint, sand paper, etc, paint brushes, etc. I think this will be really fun! Of course, any furniture items we can't sell, we could donate to DAIS to give to women moving out of the shelter and on their own!

In the meantime, I would love to meet in the month of September and make a fun flower project. I think we could sell these possibly at the September open house--or, save them for the November one. Sundance catalog is selling these for $88 for 12 flowers. They are time-consuming for one to make, but very little cost, so would be great profit even at a cheaper price! 
So, let's get together on Monday evening, the 10th of September, from 7:30pm-9:30 and make some happy flowers! Let me know if you are planning to come. If you are, please bring 5 empty and rinsed soda/beer cans (if you have some), and some wine corks (if you have some extras).  Hope to see everyone on the 10th!

Oh, I should say that I still plan to use 10% of N's Whims profits to fund these projects. As this progresses, I may need to look at making Craft to Give Back an official organization (in the event that we make a lot of money to donate :). If there is anyone who would like to volunteer more than just at the craft to give back nights, please let me know! I am looking at ways to incorporate craft to give back with the N's Whims' open houses. The first one, in September, I will be hosting a Bead for Life party, and Lara Herman is planning to work that table. There will also be info on Craft to Give Back nights and such so that we can spread the word. If anyone would like to help man that table with Lara, let me know! It is going to be on Sunday the 23rd from 2-5pm.

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