Saturday, November 5, 2011

Announcing Heidi Horn and her children's decor!

Heidi Horn of Kreations 4 Kids makes custom pieces to add the finishing touches to your children's rooms. These are adorable! She makes everything from painted wooden letters to spell your child's name on the wall, to coordinated painted fan blades for the ceiling fan! You get to choose the font, the colors, the theme--it is really fun! I remember as a child that we could never find my name on barrettes or other trinkets. I remember wanting so badly my name on one of those little license plates (probably even more because I couldn't). Heidi has solved that issue for those children in your life with uncommon names :).

She also has bow hangers, growth charts, matching frames, wall art, you name it, she can probably make it for you! Heidi will have pictures of past projects and you'll special order the item you want to let the little ones in your life know just how special they are!

Heidi wi
ll be donating a Christmas themed card holder for the wall to the door prize drawing! I am a little bummed that I can't throw my name in the hat! I have been looking for a cute solution to the card clutter for several years now.... hint, hint to those who need to shop for me :).

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