Monday, November 21, 2011

Craft to give back--Tuesday, the 29th of November, 7pm

Next Tuesday, the 29th at 7PM--I almost missed scheduling this one it has been so crazy--but, it is one you won't want to miss! Last month, we made beautiful pendants, this month, those pendants become necklaces! The Waunakee Neighborhood Connection puts on an annual shopping night where the kids can come and shop for gifts for their parents for free! These beautiful necklaces created with your hands will be in the shop on December 4th for kids to 'buy' for their moms. How cool is that?! Soooo, we need all hands on deck for this one--especially if you have EVER done any jewelry making before--calling out to Mihalas, Helzer, Piette, and anyone else with even minimal skills. Of course, anyone willing to learn will be put to use as well. Also, I have several pliers, but if anyone has some to bring, please do!! This will be super fun.

Coming in December, we will be doing a special craft to give back--giving back to all of you who have made this happen every month! ANYONE who has come and helped at EVEN ONE craft to give back is welcome to come to December's craft to give back and will be able to make something to take home with you! Woohoo!!! I really appreciate all of you and your willingness to be a blessing to those in our community! Stay tuned for this date!

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