Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Seriously, I am so over the moon excited right now. November's craft to give back night just came to an end--because we ran out of pendants to make into necklaces. In October, at craft to give back night, we made a bunch of pendants. I thought there was NO WAY we would get them all turned into necklaces for the kids shopping night this weekend at Waunakee Neighborhood Connection. I figured we would make what we could--maybe 20 necklaces or so--and then we would save the rest for Mother's Day or something. Well, never underestimate the power of a handful of women! I am telling you, there was so much talking one would have assumed not much else could possibly be accomplished, but that would be incorrect.

We made 51 necklaces tonight! This mean
s that 51 children will be able to pick out a BEAUTIFUL necklace for FREE to give their mom for Christmas! Warms my heart down to my toes! THIS is why I am over the moon excited! Thank you everyone for being willing to learn, willing to work and willing to give of your time once again. Because of you, N's Whims will be able to donate 51 necklaces, a value of at least $1530.00, to those in need right here in Waunakee! I so could not do this alone--it would have taken me FOREVER!

Now it is time for you to get back.
Anyone who has come to a craft to give back night, even if you only made one night, is welcome to come to December's craft to GET back night. I know you haven't been in this to get anything, but I want to show you how much you have warmed my heart these last 5 months. So, instead of craft to give back in December, you will get to come and make to take home with you. I haven't figured out exactly what yet, but I am thinking you all deserve some jewelry ;). How does that sound?! Stay tuned for the date....

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  1. Fantastic Ladies! Children will be so happy to give these beautiful gifts to their loved ones this Christmas!