Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Seriously, I am so over the moon excited right now. November's craft to give back night just came to an end--because we ran out of pendants to make into necklaces. In October, at craft to give back night, we made a bunch of pendants. I thought there was NO WAY we would get them all turned into necklaces for the kids shopping night this weekend at Waunakee Neighborhood Connection. I figured we would make what we could--maybe 20 necklaces or so--and then we would save the rest for Mother's Day or something. Well, never underestimate the power of a handful of women! I am telling you, there was so much talking one would have assumed not much else could possibly be accomplished, but that would be incorrect.

We made 51 necklaces tonight! This mean
s that 51 children will be able to pick out a BEAUTIFUL necklace for FREE to give their mom for Christmas! Warms my heart down to my toes! THIS is why I am over the moon excited! Thank you everyone for being willing to learn, willing to work and willing to give of your time once again. Because of you, N's Whims will be able to donate 51 necklaces, a value of at least $1530.00, to those in need right here in Waunakee! I so could not do this alone--it would have taken me FOREVER!

Now it is time for you to get back.
Anyone who has come to a craft to give back night, even if you only made one night, is welcome to come to December's craft to GET back night. I know you haven't been in this to get anything, but I want to show you how much you have warmed my heart these last 5 months. So, instead of craft to give back in December, you will get to come and make to take home with you. I haven't figured out exactly what yet, but I am thinking you all deserve some jewelry ;). How does that sound?! Stay tuned for the date....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Craft to give back--Tuesday, the 29th of November, 7pm

Next Tuesday, the 29th at 7PM--I almost missed scheduling this one it has been so crazy--but, it is one you won't want to miss! Last month, we made beautiful pendants, this month, those pendants become necklaces! The Waunakee Neighborhood Connection puts on an annual shopping night where the kids can come and shop for gifts for their parents for free! These beautiful necklaces created with your hands will be in the shop on December 4th for kids to 'buy' for their moms. How cool is that?! Soooo, we need all hands on deck for this one--especially if you have EVER done any jewelry making before--calling out to Mihalas, Helzer, Piette, and anyone else with even minimal skills. Of course, anyone willing to learn will be put to use as well. Also, I have several pliers, but if anyone has some to bring, please do!! This will be super fun.

Coming in December, we will be doing a special craft to give back--giving back to all of you who have made this happen every month! ANYONE who has come and helped at EVEN ONE craft to give back is welcome to come to December's craft to give back and will be able to make something to take home with you! Woohoo!!! I really appreciate all of you and your willingness to be a blessing to those in our community! Stay tuned for this date!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Becky Dahl is bringing her aprons!

Becky Dahl will be bringing aprons for the 3rd Annual N's Whims Open House this Saturday, from 1-4pm at 1418 Blue Ridge Trail. Isn't the apron above super cute--of course, so is the model! All of her aprons are reversible and are made with 100% heavy-weight cotton. Her aprons are available in three sizes; adult, big kid (6-12) and little kid (2-5).

She is a
lso providing a couple of wine bags for the door prize drawing. You do not have to be present to win the door prizes. Oh, and if you want more than one chance to win, bring a friend! If you are unable to come, but would like to order an apron, Becky can be contacted at 608-215-7285 or your.red.apron@gmail.com.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cdel designs will also be in the house!

Lori Weiderhaft, designer of Cdel Designs, will be at the 3rd Annual N's Whims Holiday Open House this Saturday, the 12th from 1-4pm. She will have her very popular sticky bands in tons of patterns, as well as some shreds (scarves). Lori will be donating a package of two sticky bands for a door prize on Saturday. If you haven't tried her sticky bands yet, you are missing a lovely little item! They are great for working out, as they don't move once you place them in your hair. I have also been known to use them in lieu of a hat on those days where I just don't have it in me to do my hair. Always lovely to find a solution to help you be presentable with little effort! She offers them in so many different patterns and colors that you could literally find one to match every outfit (I speak from experience :). Hello, my name is Natasha, and I am addicted to sticky bands....
See you all Saturday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Announcing Heidi Horn and her children's decor!

Heidi Horn of Kreations 4 Kids makes custom pieces to add the finishing touches to your children's rooms. These are adorable! She makes everything from painted wooden letters to spell your child's name on the wall, to coordinated painted fan blades for the ceiling fan! You get to choose the font, the colors, the theme--it is really fun! I remember as a child that we could never find my name on barrettes or other trinkets. I remember wanting so badly my name on one of those little license plates (probably even more because I couldn't). Heidi has solved that issue for those children in your life with uncommon names :).

She also has bow hangers, growth charts, matching frames, wall art, you name it, she can probably make it for you! Heidi will have pictures of past projects and you'll special order the item you want to let the little ones in your life know just how special they are!

Heidi wi
ll be donating a Christmas themed card holder for the wall to the door prize drawing! I am a little bummed that I can't throw my name in the hat! I have been looking for a cute solution to the card clutter for several years now.... hint, hint to those who need to shop for me :).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Woot! Kristie Chijimatsu is in the house....

Kristie Chijimatsu, an amazingly talented metals artist (and teacher for my metals class), will be selling her beautiful sterling silver jewelry at the 3rd Annual N's Whims open house! Kristie is offering the earrings above for a door prize--you don't want to miss these! Kristie's jewelry is all hand made--with saws, files, fire, sweat and patience--something I really respect and value these days after dabbling in class!

Chijimatsu has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including the Society of North American Goldsmiths Endowment Scholarship–Honorable Mention, UW Haystack Fellowship, Albert Murray Fine Arts Education Grant, Ron D. Anderson Scholarship, Vilas Graduate Fellowship and the Edith L. Gilbertson Scholarship. Chijimatsu attended the UW–Madison and received a BFA degree in 1998. She pursued advanced degrees at the UW, concentrating in Jewelry/Art Metals. She graduated with a MA degree in 2001 and a MFA degree in 2004.

Not only is Kristie super talented, she is also tons of fun! Along with her jewelry, she will al
so be bringing her Arbonne products as she is a district manager for Arbonne. Time to stock up!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2nd Vendor Highlight....

I am excited to announce that Nancy Palmer will be back at the 3rd Annual N's Whims Open House (Saturday, November 12, 1-4pm). She will be selling under two handmade lines, Salt of the Earth (bath salts) and Caroline (children's boutique clothing), as well as the national brand, 31 gifts. She will also be selling hair accessories, including some to match her clothing line.

I love using the eucalyptus and spearmint blend salts for muscle relief to speed up recovery after a tough workout! Nancy is donating a vanilla body scrub from her Heaven Scent line for a door prize. This item sells for $9 and makes an excellent teacher gift! Remember, you do not have to be present to win. You'll get one entry for coming, and an additional for each guest you bring! Can't wait to see you there. Stay posted for more vendor highlights. I have 8 unique vendors for the open house so far. Woot!Link