Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cdel is in the house!

Cdel Design will once again be selling stickybands at N's Whims' open house this coming Sunday (23rd) from 2-5pm. If you have yet to try these, you NEED to change that! They truly are the only hair band I have worn that does not move. They stay put through sweat, wind and even a day at the pool--and, they are washer and dryer safe (I know because they have accidently gone through both cycles many times)! On top of it all, they are cute! 
If you have tried them, I am sure you are ready to pick up a few new ones--I have a drawer full and still manage to find an outfit that demands a new band :).
Come on over and check out the new patterns Lori will be selling! They fit most kids and adults--wouldn't a new Halloween or Badger stickyband be so fun for your darling daughter?! 

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