Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Love waking up to the light through my windows!

This is a piece Dede made us, I love how it reminds me of the beach--sand, baubles and blue-green ocean waters....
Dede Kauffman will be at the open house this Sunday, 2-5pm. If you have ever noticed (or heard me going on and on about) the stained glass in my windows, you know Dede does beautiful work! If you haven't, here are two of my favorite pieces that sit in my boutique windows.

Pure happiness when I walk into my studio to begin working and see the sunshine coming through my windows, lighting up the office and casting shades of orange! These two are just perfect for me--down to the swirls and the cracked glass jewels!

This is one of my favorites in my living room--it reminds me of all the jewels and blessings in my family tree....
Bella wearing her fav!

Dede will have some abstract pieces similar to these, as well as some smaller fun pieces. She is also bringing some of the simple warm hats she knits. These are one size fits most--they are super cute on all my girls, and I love to wear them, too!

Oh, one more excellent gift idea--Dede makes crash glass collages--here is one she made for me. Bring a favorite picture or two, and if you have a favorite quote printed (scrapbooking items work great for this) and she'll design one for you, too!

Only 4 more days to some excellent retail therapy-- See you on Sunday afternoon!

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