Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh maaaan!

Oh maaaan! You have got to be kidding me. If you are an avid jewelry designer, you might be a bit shocked to hear that these were my 'go to' pliers. I LOVED these pliers. I am pretty sure I nabbed these out of Mike's tools when I first began to tinker in this craft. Now, 6 years later, I busted them. I was squeezing the snot out of a snap I was putting into leather and "craaaack." Now what?! I thought back to the class I took last fall in Galena, at Vintaj. I overheard a few of the women talking about their Lin something pliers--maybe I should use this as an excuse to invest in these amazing, ergonomic pliers they were talking about. I mean, as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well, mine are clearly broke! I quickly looked up these Lindstrom jewelry pliers. Well, at over $50, I think I will wait for Christmas :).
Instead, I found what looks like a similar pair and ordered it off ebay. Until they come, I have been forced to use my second tier pliers. They just feel wrong. I am all thumbs with this pair. As I worked this morning, I noticed something funny. I was struggling with these silly pliers, hurrying to get a ring finished before the mail came, so it could go out--the whole time hoping that the mail truck was carrying my new pliers. I sure hope they are similar and I can feel the perfect size and weight handles in my grip. Just the right amount of resistance, making my work efficient again. What a difference a good tool makes!

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  1. Just got an unbelievable delivery from an angel who lives in my 'hood! A pair of pliers, very similar to my old ones :D. Back in business in the interim! Thanks, Nicole!