Monday, July 18, 2011

Supah, dupah excited!

Welcome to my blog! I have been wanting to do this for a while now because I can do some really cool bead swaps and things if I have a blog, but I didn't really think I had anything I wanted to say that many would want to read. But, then I got an idea in my crazy little head yesterday. I have been so excited and distracted by all the fun ideas a-swirling that I actually walked boldly out of Target yesterday, basket full of goodies on one arm, coupon and wallet in other hand. I got all the way out to the car before I realized that I should have bags in my hand, not a basket. Yep, I had forgotten to pay, I was so distracted by my thoughts! After looking over my shoulder for the security onslaught, I promptly marched back in, completely unnoticed, chuckling to myself the whole way. What is my idea?! I was a wee bit worried you would never ask!
Well, here it is....
I would like to organize a craft session at my house once a month. With all of our hands working together, I would like to make pretty things for the Waunakee Neighborhood Connection. If you aren't familiar with this organization, check it out: They operate a free store which takes in donations and provides them free of charge to anyone who might need them. I would love to provide a few 'frivolous' items--hair accessories, knitted hats, inspirational necklaces, and many other fun, beautiful things that we may come up with. I know there are many needs, and pretty things are not needs, but why not add a few things to brighten the day and let them know how special they are, too?! I know all of you love getting a new little something (if not, I would be out of business)--it just adds a kick to your step, doesn't it?!
So, here is how I envision this going: I will use 10% of N's Whims' profits and buy the supplies needed. I will set a date, one evening a month to make a beautiful craft. Here is where you come in, you will sign up, show up and have a blast using your hands to help others. Then, I will get the goods to Waunakee Neighborhood Connection. Bonus, you may even learn a fun new skill to make beautiful things for the ones you love :). I think everyone wins, don't you?! Of course, I do think we should really enjoy our time--maybe some wine and eats to go with our fun!
Anyway, who is in?! The first official crafting session will be Wednesday evening, the 27th of July, starting at 7:30-9:00 PM. I think I will limit the first group to 8 women, just to get a feel of how this is going to go. Let me know if you can make it!

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