Thursday, July 28, 2011

What a fun night!!!

I am over the moon over last night's crafting session! 8 lovely women, at least 4 of whom claim to not be crafty at all, came prepared to get some work done. We made 174 hair accessories to donate to Waunakee Neighborhood Association last night. I have to tell you, we talked, we giggled, and our fingers kept working. I wish I could post a picture of every hair flower made last night. They are gorgeous! I seriously can't tell who made which ones, so "I am not crafty or creative" is no longer an acceptable excuse!!! We hardly made a dent in my flower supplies, so we will get to re-visit this craft down the road. Woohoo!
Another interesting tidbit is that between 8 women, there was so much talking and working that combined we only drank a little over 1 bottle of wine in 2.5 hours--now that should tell you just how productive we were! Either that, or I put out some bad wine ;).
Today, I am left with nothing but good feelings. A warm fuzzy heart--it just feels so good to make for others, especially others who appreciate it so much because they have so little. I just keep thinking about how happy my girls are when they get something beautiful--and I get to see this more often than I care to admit. Then, I imagine the sparkle in each of those little girls' eyes when they get to PICK out their OWN beautiful flower or headband--and the little bit of confidence they will proudly wear on the first day of school. Nicely done, ladies! Thank you for helping me carry out this vision--couldn't do it without you!!!
Oh, and speaking of creativity, I have yet to come up with any good names for this effort--any ideas?!

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