Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christmas in August for N!

Seriously, couldn't wait for my bead soup package to come! When it FINALLY did, it was wrapped in beautiful paper, no less. Thanks, Pam! Oh my goodness, I would have probably been excited with whatever she sent, but this lady does not disappoint! Over the top full of fun goodies. My package included metal, glass, clay and felted balls, beautiful clasps, and not one, two, but three fun glass pendants! I am going to have so much fun with this! Make sure you check back on September 17th (which just so happens to be my wedding anniversary) for the big reveal!

Speaking of Christmas, one of my other favorite things to do is share with others things that I am passionate about. Well, last month I got the opportunity to teach a class in my neighborhood. The women who came got to make 3 pendants each. It was so fun to see others enjoy what I do while sharing the company of other amazing women. SO cool! Anyway, over the last few weeks, four of those ladies came by my studio and picked out components to put with their pendants. It is the Christmas that keeps on coming. I get to spend more time with these fun women, searching for the perfect bead in my stash (I have bins upon bins of beads, people--not messing around :). I love the look that has been on each of their faces when they try THEIR jewelry on for the first time! YOU, too, can make something beautiful. I wish I could be a fly on the wall the first time someone asks them where they bought such a lovely necklace, and they get to say, "why, I made this!" FUN, FUN, FUN!
I didn't think of taking before and after pictures before last night, but here are a few from last night.
The top three pendants were made by Meghan, and the bottom three by Kari. Aren't they beautiful?!

Here are Kari's finished toggles:

Meghan's finished creations are lovely as well:

Feeling inspired?! Book your Create Party with N's Whims today! Each participant can choose to spend $25 to create 2 pendants, $35 to create three pendants.


  1. Beautiful many good components and all so pretty...gorgeous palette.

  2. Looks like fun soup. And sounds like you had a good time with the ladies making their pendants and picking out components.

  3. Love the Bead Soup you got! Those colors are some of my favorites :)

  4. Awesome soup - and in my fav colors - can't wait for my soup to arrive:-)

  5. Wonderful soup!! So many wonderful textures and media!!! I see several projects here!!
    I agree with you about the teaching stuff- just love it!! I feel like I get so much from the students each and every time I teach!!

  6. Your passion comes through your writing and your designs. I also got my bead soup today. If I can get a good picture I will post tonight.

  7. Great soup, love the colors.