Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you, Kim Polinsky!

Last week, Kim called and asked if I would have any interest in teaching a group of neighborhood women a jewelry making skill. Would I have any interest?! You betcha! So, she rounded up the women and I showed up--armed with metal pendants to decorate. Each person got to make 3 pendants--two painted and embossed, one with a decorative background and charm set in resin. Again, several were a bit hesitant due to 'lack of creativity'--and yet, I overheard one as I was walking home saying, "I can't believe I made these, they are so beautiful!" So fun to see new people enjoying my passion, realizing it is not that difficult, and enjoying being creative.
I read in my favorite jewelry magazine this month that, "being creative exercises the mind, is relaxing, relieves stress, is a form of expression, and can give the crafter a feeling of wellness." Last night I got to see this in action. We laughed, we got a bit messy, everyone was so encouraging and encouraged. Lovely. Turns out, I do like teaching--especially a fun group of women with a glass of vino in hand! Kim's lemon bars go a long way as well :). So, thank you, Kim for this opportunity. I had a blast, came home with some fun new pendants and hope you all feel the same!
So, if there is anything you see me make and would love to learn, consider this option. Invite some girlfriends with like interest, plan an evening and let's get creative!

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