Tuesday, August 23, 2011

With these hands, take 2--awesome night!

Last night was the 2nd craft to give back night for N's Whims. 11 lovely women met at Nicole Mihalas' house. She came up with two super cute ideas and led the show last night. First, we all put tiny tutus around the ankles of legging pants. We got 11 pairs made and then Cindy offered to take the remaining 4 pairs home with her! Look how fun these turned out!

The next project was involved dressing up plain long-sleeved t-shirts. We each picked out a simple pattern, cut it out, and then cut that shape out of super cute fabric and steam a seam. Nicole has an amazing stash of super cute fabric that she has been collecting for years. She shared her stash with us, allowing us to make some really awesome shirts for these little girls who have so little! I can't wait to show you how STINKIN' CUTE all these shirts turned out (seriously, I had to talk myself out of keeping them :). But, Nicole is keeping the shirts to run a stitch around the patterns. You are all going to be super impressed and wish you had been there to learn this really easy technique to cute! I am fighting the urge today to go shopping for cute fabric and add one more craft to my to-do list!

I seriously want to say a special thank you to the 11 ladies who showed up to help last night. It was not too long ago (well, longer than I care to admit, but the memories still come quickly), that I was growing up one of 6 children of a pastor and stay-at-home mom. Most of my 'new' clothes for school had gone through at least one sibling. My mom worked super hard to make the money stretch and would put at least an outfit for each of us on layaway. But, we would get it later in the fall, when the weather required it. I remember the longing for something new to wear to school on the first day! I realize how silly it was now, but it was SUCH a big deal then! I can't wait to drop these off and deliver them to the Waunakee Neighborhood Connection. I am giddy thinking about each little girl who is going to fall in love with some tutu leggings or a brand new appliqued shirt and feel so special wearing them to school. This is just so cool!

I am already looking forward to September's craft to give back night! We will be knitting super cute winter hats for kids. My super crafty mother-in-law showed me how to knit these last year with a circular loom. If you can wrap yarn around a peg, you can make these! Takes little thought, which leaves lots of brain cells for chatting and enjoying an awesome group of women!

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