Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to N's Whims boutique

This past weekend, one of my long-time customers (and friend) from Milwaukee (the birthplace of N's Whims) stopped by to shop and chat. It was so great to see her! We had a lovely time designing a couple special family necklaces for Christmas (it is NEVER too early to get your order in :). Then, we sat out on the porch, enjoying the beautiful day and some fresh mozzerella, tomato, basil sandwiches with 25 yr. aged balsalmic. MMMM! One of my favorites :). It is always awesome to catch up with an old friend! Reminds you just how much you enjoy them, what drew you to them in the first place, and how you just can't let time go that long in between next time!
Anyway, since Jamie had shopped in the early days of N's Whims,
it was fun to see her reaction now. My old studio was in the back of our old house, and I had taken over about half of the room--the rest was the office shared with my husband. The lighting was terrible (which is impossible when working with jewelry)! So, she was somewhat surprised to see my 'boutique'-- Her actual comment was, "Ahh, now I see why you call it boutique hours!" So, for those of you who don't know what you have been missing, I am posting a few pictures of my boutique, with excellent lighting, lots of windows and covered in cute (at least I think so).
Fresh mozzerella sandwhiches available on request with a little notice :). If you look closely at the second picture, you can see the messy studio section of my boutique in the mirror!

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